Agile Tip of the Day, 21 May 2021

Effectiveness equals Quality of the solution times Acceptance, or E = Q x A. If you come up with a methodology which has potential of 8 to improve your teams result (that is quality of the solution) but its acceptance is only 2, the effectiveness will be merely 16 out of 100. That is how important Acceptance is in your Agile Transformation and most often the reasons it fails is due to low adoption and acceptance. You can increase your chances to succeed with Agile by using experiential learning and Agile games. In addition to that, Agile games will boost your teams familiarity with Agile values, principles and practices, will increase team cohesion, will increase creativity, enthusiasm and engagement.

Learn more about why Agile games are important in the following preview of 10 Fun and Educational Agile Games for Agile teams course:

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