Agile Tip of the Day, 30 April

An Agile leader needs high emotional intelligence (EQ) as they need to empower the team instead of ordering them what to do. The EQ is possible to be increased throughout the life of a person and such an increase correlates positively to better relationships at both work and home. Learn more about how to assess and increase your self-awareness, sef-regulation, empathy and social skills in this course, tailored specifically to Agile practitioners (discounted with 81% until 10th May):

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Agile Tip of the Day, 6 June 2021

Must I go to production every sprint? The result of every sprint is an increment which is potentially shippable software. Potentially shippable or releasable does not mean that it needs to be release

Agile Tip of the Day, 05 June 2021

What to do if the sprint is not at the end but all the work has already been done? In that case, new items may be added to the sprint backlog during the sprint as long as it does not endanger the spri