Increase Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) as an Agile Leader


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Do you want to increase your effectiveness as an Agile leader and practitioner?

Do you want to improve your self-awareness, self-management, empathy, social skills, self-motivation, communication skills and workplace relationships?

Are you wondering how strong your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is and how to identify key areas for improvement?

Would you like to benefit from exercises, assessment, strategies and practices to increase your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)?

Do you want to develop yourself and your team as modern high-performers?

If you answered Yes to these questions, then this course is for you!


One of the core values of the Agile Manifesto is to put emphasis on individuals and interactions and key principles are to have daily collaboration and regular reflection – all of that requires high Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Agile ceremonies, such as Sprint Planning or Daily Standups or Retrospective in Scrum, or the Feedback Loops in Kanban, are all teamwork activities where the team comes together to review, discuss, revisit and plan for the set of efforts that are in place towards delivery of work. As an Agile Leader and Agile Practitioner, over 90% of the work is accomplished through communication to others and our level of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) maps to our strength in communications.


This course includes multiple world-class assessments, exercises, practices, strategies, templates and tips which will help you take your leadership abilities to the next level and create an empowering and motivating workplace environment for yourself and your team where you can thrive and excel while delighting your customers.


Enroll now and start your journey towards higher Emotional Intelligence and Agile leadership excellence!

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Increase Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) as an Agile Leader

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